作者:Hiawatha Seiffert

材質:腳踏車與機器鍊條 Bicyle- & Machine Chain

尺寸:28x28x14 (長/寬/高 單位:公分)

曾幾何時,這些零散、不起眼的工業廢料,也能蛻變成絢麗的文化寶藏?答案是將它們在對的時間,放在對的地方。 本作品那腳踏車與機器的鏈條層層疊疊,象徵著堅韌的連結,呈現物質的靜態和有機的動力,亦透過鏈條的間隙打破鋼鐵沈重的刻板印象,賜予它全新的輕巧美學。 我以適當的熱度和明確的壓力,讓這個碗在空間中展現力學的獨特面向。對我而言,素材的特性造就這件作品所要表達的含意。

Objet trouve. Treasure of culture sites of industrial elements. Locality unknown. Finding in the right place at the right time. A technical product, bicycle-& machine chains, forged into layers, ingeniously bonded by sheer physical force, in context as a transformed expression of organic power – in spite of weight of material, the objects take on a new aesthetics of lightness with their gaps. Because of heating and well-targeted action of force my bowls get a special into space reaching dynamic. It`s very important to me to play in my work with properties of material and make the most of it.


作者:陳綉怡 Chen Siou-Yi

材質:純銀、太平洋鐵木 Fine Silver, Merbau

尺寸:30x20x7.3 (長/寬/高 單位:公分)

人類的腦海中記錄著數千萬種物品的形體與相對應之氣味,因而能透過視覺勾起嗅覺與味覺記憶。但當這項本能反應交互影響模糊了常理解讀,氣味的判斷是否還能準確? 選用一顆果實的飽滿軀殼醞釀一壺茶,讓飲用者在品茶的同時受到感官影響,喚起果實原本的氣息記憶,帶來不同以往的驚喜衝突。 這組附有小戲謔的茶器,挑戰人們對視覺與味覺的掌控力,也讓泡茶的活動增添了一番趣味,含在口中的茶水,或許也會因此增添另一番滋味。

There are thousands of taste and smells recorded in the human brain, that are inflicted by visual memory. But these three senses will blur the usual interpretation when they react to one another. At that time, is smell reliable? I use a fruit with a full form to brew a pot of tea, making people feel the influence of the five senses when tasting it. The memory of smell of the fruit will be awakened, and surprise and conflicts will be brought forth at the same time. This set of tea utensils in a mocking sense challenges people’s control of a sense of vision and of taste and in the meanwhile makes the activity of brewing tea more fun. The tea in a mouth might have a special flavor.

Insects_ mantis

作者:李炓宰 Lee Yojae

材質:牛蛙皮 Bull Frog’s Skin

尺寸:27x12x5.2(長/寬/高 單位:公分)

本件作品展露昆蟲的奇特與隱微之美。 所有生物都具有其獨特的生活方式,在大自然裡群聚而生。昆蟲為了順應無數的改變,而蛻變成各種型態與構造。在我們認知中,自然裡的生命總有其存在型態。 然而,我們卻遠離於陌生或貌似雜亂的昆蟲體,包含他們超脫現實的姿態。 雖然在日常生活中常常遇見昆蟲,我們卻用異樣的眼光看待他。倘若我們能摒除負面認知,認真看待昆蟲,將能發現富神秘感、令人讚嘆的昆蟲。

Revealing the Strangeness and Hidden Beauty of Insects. All lives including people have their own way of life and live together in nature. Insects also evolved into various shapes and structures to survive endless changes. Shape of lives in nature looks constantly in our awareness. However, we stand apart from unfamiliar or undisciplined beings by instinct, so embody them image that is different from reality. We see insects based on such feeling. Although we often encounter insects in daily life, we see them every moment with a sense of discomfort. However, if we depart from nagative awareness, and see them, we can discover mysterious and amazing insects.

WOW!GOLD挖金塊 Wow!Gold

作者:潘俊璋 Pan Chun-Chang

材質:鋁(陽極染金色) Aluminum (Anode gold dye)

尺寸:22x8.2x1.5(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


The Wow!Gold ice cube tray produces unusual ice cubes in the shape of massive gold blocks: the most famous collection of the Gold Museum. This ice cube tray can also produce a stirring road shaped like a shovel with a rounded blade. The user can enjoy the pleasure of gold digging when having a cold drink. This tray adds inspirational spices to a mundane life.

位能 Potential Energy

作者:余孟儒 Yu Meng-Ju

材質:黃銅、銀 Brass, Silver

尺寸:22x17x28(長/寬/高 單位:公分)

戴上這個小方塊,然後跳一下,碰上一連串愉快的掉落! 墜落的過程如同一段生命的展開,在消耗與衰退的過程中不斷釋放能量。而那個最終耗盡能量、靜止的展開狀態,又再被層層收起,重新回到高處,等待下一次的震盪。像是被薛西弗斯來回搬動的石頭,在不斷往返的單調過程中,有著令人著迷的有機意象。

Wear this little cube and jump! A journey of falling down begins. The course of the cube’s falling is like the lifespan of humanity. It constantly releases energy in the process of falling down. When it releases all energy and lies flat open, it will be picked up and put back, waiting for the next fall. It is like the huge boulder repeatedly rolled up a hill by Sisyphus and rolling back down—a monotonous but somehow enchanting organic process.

共居 Cohabitation

作者:黃明珠 Huang Ming-Chu

材質:925銀 Sterling silver

尺寸:56x28x32(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


Human beings are a species that lives in groups on the same planet. Because they are mutually dependent, their relationship is very close. A group is formed when there is a connection between one individual and another. "Points" assemble to form "lines", "lines" gradually develop into "planes", and "planes" ultimately become "groups". A group can be composed of individuals, subgroups, or even different open minds. How should we choose the way we cohabitate? You know the answer...

凝視系列ⅠⅡⅢ Gazing SeriesⅠⅡⅢ

作者:陳映秀 Chen Ying-Hsiu

材質:黃銅、現成物、不鏽鋼線 Brass, Found objects, Stainess steel wire Brass

尺寸:11x5x2.2(最大件) 我深受古代金工技法─金銀粒細工所創造的視覺效果感動,特別是單元與單元間所共構的密度與肌理,兼具視覺與觸覺兩種特質。進而開始重新思考金銀粒細工─「點」的概念,從單純的圓點為基礎,延伸出不同的視覺效果。並運用從材料行購得的圓珠針製造三種樣態,如卵狀、棘刺狀、觸鬚狀。將單元點焊成體,凝結住生物自體運動動態,或是水流過的殘跡,抑或是風輕拂的韻律。

I am deeply touched by the visual effects of the ancient technique of granulation, especially the density and texture created by spheres, evoking both tactile and visual sensations. I began to think about the conception of granulation—the art of creating a surface pattern with simple tiny grains. Then I bought ball point beading needles from a shop to make three types of grain pattern: oval, thorn, and tentacle. I soldered them to capture the movement of creatures, a trace of water, or a touch of breeze.

嗅味 Olfaction

作者:王譽霖 Wang Yu-Lin

材質:黃銅、紅銅、滴管帽、面罩帶Brass, Copper, Dropper, Mask belt

尺寸:27.5x12x8.5(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


With advances in technology people are able to absorb countless amounts of information and knowledge, but gradually lose their sense of feeling. As air pollution becomes more and more severe, we become afraid to go natural. The development of artificial fragrances also makes us gradually forget the original smell of everything.

存I-VI Exist I-VI

作者:張皓涵 Jhang Hao-Han

材質:紅銅、黃銅、水甘 Copper, Brass, Mineral Pigments

尺寸:13x10x6(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


I use disease as the theme to create a series of personal ornaments, decorating negative materials with personal aesthetic experience, and develop the idea of this artwork in terms of the linear structure in chemical formula, according to which to indicate the cause of disease and to display the modes of disease through different forms and kinds of the artworks. Comparing malignant tumors to the naturally-formed irregular rhizome through “electroforming,” I attempts to criticize artificial chemical materials by exploring the reciprocal relation between artworks and bodies, and the abstract shape formed by the device of the artwork. Besides the entity of personal ornaments, I attempt to express the process of a gradual decaying and dying diseased body. In this way, I show this concept with the aid of the images in series.

明燈 Beacon

作者:詹曉晴 Chan Hsiao-Ching

材質:925以上銀、白科技寶石 Above 92.5% silver, Synthetic gemstone

尺寸:0.7x0.7x4.5(最大件)(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


The design concept of Beacon revolves around blessing. Safety has always beem the most important issue in the mining industry. In a pitch-dark tunnel, lamps offer the only beacon of hope to miners. Lamps not only bring light and encouragement but also provide comfort and relief.

渴望 Thirst

作者:陳逸 Chen Yi

材質:純銀 Fine Silver

尺寸:23x14x31(最大件)(長/寬/高 單位:公分)

多數人對於現實生活總是慾求不滿,但卻也常常忽略、遺忘去思考自己是否真正的缺少了什麼,或者早已擁有了什麼而不自覺! 作品中,花朵們都在追求與期待著葉梢上即將滴落的甜美露珠,其中包括那朵生長在壺身上的花兒,然而他卻無感於自我早已置身在甘露豐沛的美好寓所之中。

Most people are not satisfied with what they have. The often overlook the question of or forget to reflect on what they really miss out and what they do have. In this work, all flowers are expecting and thirsting for the dew falling from the leaves, including the ones in the vase, which don’t realize they already have a beautiful dwelling with plenty of provisions.

湧金石(茶器) Gold-Bearing Rock Tea Set

作者:黃銘智 Huang Ming-Chih

材質:黃色不鏽鋼、鐵、黑檀木 Yellow stainless steel, Iron black, Ebony

尺寸:16.5x10.5x12(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


The Gold Waterfall is a scenic spot on Jinshui Road in New Taipei City's Ruifang District, famous for its golden luster caused by sediment deposits from copper mining along the riverbed. The design of this tea set draws inspiration from the waterfall, as tea leaves slowly unfurl and tint the water golden. The golden river represents the bittersweet past, while the golden tea leaves a bittersweet taste, evoking the rustic charm of a bygone age.

獨白I Soliloquy I

作者:歐立婷 Ou Li-Ting

材質:鐵 Iron

尺寸:45x40x14(長/寬/高 單位:公分)

物件即是自身投影, 在線條、平面、空間中遊走,看似毫無隱蔽的呈現,然而卻無法一眼看透,以相異的面貌存在於差異的向度,就這樣獨自站立,以純粹之姿。

Objects are the reflection of the self.Although we wander among lines, surfaces, and space, as complete as they are, we never see it through. Different outlooks exist in differential dimensions. They stand individually, just in such a simple posture.

自己的小房子 My Shelters

作者:陳亭君 Chen Ting-Chun

材質:純銀、黃銅、不鏽鋼線 Fine Silver, Brass, Stainess steel wire

尺寸:4x4x5(最大件)(長/寬/高 單位:公分)

無論與他人的互動如何頻繁,每個人終究需要一個屬於自己的空間。 手指外在的差異,如一個個獨立的個體,平時一同生活,但偶爾也希望獨處。用金屬編製專屬的掩護罩,可以敞開,可以包覆,又透過疏密的網目由內往外觀看、透析、過濾外在深奧的「人」與「事」。在建構社交生活最舒適保護罩的同時,仍保有一個真實的自我。

No matter how frequent we interact with others, every one of us still needs our own personal space. Each finger looks different. They are like independent individuals who live together yet hope to have some alone time every once in a while. They could observe, analyze, and filter obscure “people” and “things” through the tailored woven metal covers, which could be opened or closed. They have comfortable protection when building their social network, meanwhile remaining true to themselves.

視覺修復 Visual Cues

作者:陳亭君 Chen Ting-Chun

材質:銅、琺瑯 Copper, Enamel

尺寸:10x6x7(最大件)(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


Memory often escapes from me and cheats me, forcing me to rely on and believe in vision. Through the messages, I try to explore the truth existing at that time. I forgot the memory about/of home, but when seeing the white wall with mold, I am sure there were frequent and intimate dialogues between water and cement in some period of time. The decaying iron gate that used to be blue, now becomes the playground of rust and paint. I left signs and marks in the process of creation to overcome fear of loss. The gradual changing process is like an encounter, getting along with others, and compatibility in the flow of time. Looking at the compact and loose permutation and combination, and intense and chaotic color change, I know they really exist in my life.

速食餐具2012 Tableware 2012

作者:張湛敏 Chang Chan-Min

材質:黃銅 Brass

尺寸:16x8.3x8.3(最大件)(長/寬/高 單位:公分)


Considering that disposable tableware is created for efficiency and convenience, the artist writes characters on disposable tableware to reflect the fact that handwriting is being replaced by typing. Also, that those words describing the excavation of human skulls in prehistoric times and the use of skull bones as a type of container reveals an interesting contrast between past and future. Perhaps today’s disposable tableware will become excavated remains someday in the future.